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Sleeping with Married Men

Sleeping with Married Men
What’s it like to sleep with married men?

Karin Jones was seeking companionship after her divorce. She engaged with some dating apps and was being approached by married men. She wasn’t looking for a relationship, just physical companionship. The married men who contacted her seemed like they were less likely to want something more.

She found most of these men wanted to just communicate. They were experiencing pain in their own relationships. Talking and texting with Karin seemed to give them someone who listened.

An affair can be thrilling. It is illicit, exciting and free of obligations. Women carry a huge burden juggling careers and families, so a casual relationship holds appeal.

When women start losing estrogen, they lose the need to take care of everything.

Every situation is unique. Communicating your interests outside of your relationship is important. It’s hard to be truthful about sex, intimacy and changing desire. Physical and mental changes in women as they age can diminish an urge for sex.

Listen as Karin joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to share her experiences and observations from dating married men.


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Karin Jones
Karin JonesKarin Jones practiced medicine as a Physician Assistant for 18 years. She left medicine after moving to England, where she lived for four years.

She writes the bimonthly Savvy Love column for Erotic Review magazine and is working on a memoir about midlife sex and relationships.