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Why Would You Go Home with Him? Dating as Dieting

Why Would You Go Home with Him? Dating as Dieting
Consider dating like a diet. You can make choices in your diet that directly impact your future outcome.

Using this analogy, look at the dieter who wants to lose weight to achieve a desired look immediately. She declares she’ll be fasting for ten days. Soon into her diet plan, she’s ravished and will eat anything.

That’s why she’ll go home with him.

The truth is that you can’t fast forward love. Much like a diet, slow and steady brings results.

What kind of guy do you actually want to date? Look around your circle for realistic partners. Your celebrity fantasy lovers are not available.

Maybe it’s time for a dating detox. This means you don’t gorge on the donut by calling the ex-boyfriend for a moment’s satisfaction before being filled with remorse. Let yourself get excited and available for a new love.

If you want to meet someone, you have to get on the metaphorical treadmill and press start. Engage in activities with potential dates. Make it fun. Commit to it as a routine. Maybe opt to date one person a week, enlarging your social circle by 52 people over the course of a year.

Listen as Joanna Coles joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to share how you can work on finding love and stop going home with losers.


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Featured Speaker:
Joanna Coles, Author
Joanna ColesJoanna Coles is the chief content officer of Hearst Magazines. She was executive producer and star of the docuseries So Cosmo on E!, and the executive producer of The Bold Type on Freeform, a scripted show inspired by her life as a magazine editor.

Born in the United Kingdom, Coles was the New York correspondent for the Guardian and the Times of London before joining Hearst as editor in chief of Marie Claire. She was editor in chief of Cosmopolitan from 2012 to 2016.

She lives in New York.