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Modesty & Feminism

Modesty & Feminism
Religious modesty can support feminism. Many religions encourage a simple, modest appearance.

Lauren Shields conducted an experiment by exploring modesty. Instead of styling her beauty for others to consume, she opted to cover her arms, legs and hair. She skipped cosmetics for nine months.

As a result, she no longer viewed her appearance as part of her identity. The transition to a new look was difficult. She adhered to a clean, simple, put-together outfit while sticking to her own rules for the experiment.

Listen as Lauren joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to share her personal journey with the modesty experiment and “beauty suit.”


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Featured Speaker:
Lauren Shields, Author
Lauren ShieldsLauren Shields holds BFAs in religious studies and television, film, and music production, and a Master of Divinity degree. She is seeking ordination in the United Church of Christ and lives in San Jose with her husband.