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We All Want Revenge... With a Twist!

We All Want Revenge... With a Twist!
You’ve been thrown under the bus or falsely accused. You’re irate. Maybe you even want revenge. (Don’t worry, that feeling is human.)

But, you don’t have to act on that impulse.

Honesty and humility play a role in the desire for revenge. They moderate the relationships. Those with more honesty and humility are more likely to reduce helpful behaviors toward the one who wronged them. Lower levels of honesty and humility can lead to more overt attempts at revenge.

You can inspire others by taking a negative outcome and using it as fuel for your future. Take care of your own survival in a non-toxic way.

Listen as Dr. Merideth Thompson joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to discuss how to turn your revenge urges into something useful.


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Featured Speaker:
Merideth J. Thompson, PhD
Merideth ThompsonDr. Merideth Thompson is an Associate Professor in the Management Department and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University.  She focuses her research on two main areas: bad employee behavior and the work-family interface. She is particularly interested in how abusive supervision and workplace incivility cross over to affect an employee’s family experiences. Thompson’s current research also investigates the impact of toxic workplaces on employee health and healthcare costs.  Dr. Thompson’s research been published in numerous journals including the Journal of Applied Psychology, the Journal of Management, and the Academy of Management Review.