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Singing Yourself Out of Anxiety & Depression

Singing Yourself Out of Anxiety & Depression
When you sing, you can’t hide your emotions.

Singing helps with mindfulness and breath regulation. You have to use your air wisely to control the length and tone of your notes. Paying attention to your breathing helps calm your body and mind.

Singing lessons can help you in other areas of life, providing confidence and enhancing joy. In-person or online classes are an easy way to get started.

Listen as singing coach Amber Petty joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to share how singing can help lift your mood.


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Featured Speaker:
Amber Petty, Singing Coach
Amber PettyAmber Petty is a singing coach and writer from Los Angeles. From teaching at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts to starring in a national tour and Off-Broadway production of a popular parody musical, Amber has sung and taught around the country for over 10 years.

After dealing with her own depression and anxiety, she started Sing A Different Tune to give people another tool to bring relaxation and happiness to a growing population of worried women.