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Life After a Weight Loss Show

Life After a Weight Loss Show
Tara Costa was a major winner of The Biggest Loser, never dropping below the elimination line on the program. She lost 150 pounds and even pulled a car.

She wants to inspire and help others. Life has its detours. Finding non-scale victories helps one experience life more. A community of like-minded folks can support you in your pursuits.

Try to be a better person every day. 

Listen as Tara joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to share how she’s stayed fit and happy after her television win.


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Tara Costa
Tara CostaDuring season 7 of NBC’s hit series The Biggest LoserTara Costa proved that where there’s a will there’s a way. During her 18 weeks on campus, Costa never “fell below the yellow line.” She won a record-setting eight challenges, the most of any contestant in show history. Not only did Costa make show history but she dramatically pulled a car during one challenge, demonstrated her determination weekly and inspired millions with her heart, spirit and determination during her journey of losing 155 lbs. Growing up in a small town, Costa developed her loud and dynamic personality. In a single parent home, Costa’s mother taught her the necessity of personal achievements and independence. Since learning those lessons, Tara became a plus size model for a top New York modeling agency, graduated from New York University with Honors and accepted a finance position at the largest beauty company in the world.

In September 2008, Costa decided to leave her job and her life in New York to change her life and get healthy. Weighing 294 lbs when she got to campus, Costa immediately set the tone for how to work hard, push herself and never quit. In May 2009, Costa returned for the show’s season finale weighing 139 lbs.

Already featured on the cover of magazines including Good Housekeeping and twice on OK Magazine, Costa is now excited about life and trying new things. From marathons to triathlons, Costa has vowed to continue pushing herself and to inspire others by joining “Team Tara.”