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Parenting for the Busy Household

Parenting for the Busy Household
Parenting is a challenge. You want your child to reach full potential and win at life. Of course, this takes time and organization to manage life’s priorities -- being there for your kids while succeeding in other areas of life.

You shouldn’t feel guilty to steal hours before the sun comes up to have some personal time. There’s no need to feel bad when you aren’t too busy for some private time. You’re not selfish when you take time for yourself.

It’s hard to be patient, creative and parent well without some self care. Raising children is a marathon, so you have to prepare for the race. You’re a role model and you have to manage your energy.

Self care looks different after you have children than it did before parenting.

Listen as Julie Morgenstern joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to discuss how to balance parenting with personal time.


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Featured Speaker:
Julie Morgenstern, Author
Julie MorgensternOrganization and productivity expert and New York Times bestselling author Julie Morgenstern has spent more than 30 years helping individuals and major corporations (American Express, Hearst, HARPO, Deloitte, Microsoft, FedEx, and more) overcome disorganization to achieve their goals by designing “Inside Out” systems of time and space that feel natural and easy to maintain.

In her most recent book, Time To Parent: Organizing Your Life To Bring Out The Best In Your Child And You (Holt Paperbacks, available now)Julie extends her organizational skills to time management for parents, designed to help them organize their time by bringing more balance and productivity to family life, work time and self-care. Based on her years of field work and nearly a decade of research on the science of human development, Time To Parent presents a revolutionary framework that frees parents to savor time with their kids and on their own, from birth through college. With more women than ever juggling a family and career, Julie’s expert advice offers concrete methods for finding the ultimate balance.

Julie’s previous books on organization include the New York Times bestsellers Organizing from the Inside Out and Time Management From The Inside Out, both of which were developed into specials for PBS. Her on-camera interviews have included Today, Rachael Ray, Good Morning America and CNN and she has been featured in print publications including The New York Times, Time Magazine and USA Today, among others.