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Managing Extraordinary Stress in the Time of COVID-19

Managing Extraordinary Stress in the Time of COVID-19
COVID-19 has been a source of major disruption in the lives of many individuals. The stress and anxiety can be debilitating amid all the fear and uncertainty -- not just about one's health and safety, but from a financial perspective.

How long will the pandemic last? How long will its effects linger? The answers are unknown, which only adds to the levels of stress. The only certainty is that "we don't know."

Marc Nemiroff, PhD, joins Dr. Peeke to provide some helpful advice for managing stress, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Featured Speaker:
Marc Nemiroff, PhD
Dr. Marc Nemiroff, PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Psychotherapy practice for children, adolescents and adults in Bethesda, Maryland.
Recipient of the Wayne Fenton Award from the National Association for Mental Illness (with Certificate from the U.S. House of Representatives), for improving the quality of mental health services to the community.

Author of eight children's book on the psychological and emotional concerns: adoption, Attention Deficit Disorder, sex education for younger children, common fears, etc., as well as a memoir (Stepping into the River: An American Psychologist in Mother India) describing nine years (every January) working with slum families, street children, parents, multi-generational families, and young men released from the enforced sex trade in Mumbai, India, working with an Indian psychologist counterpart.

Spokesperson for the American Psychological Association regarding children's issues during war (1st Gulf War), national and local radio appearances and interviews in The New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, etc.