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Putting on a Good Face (Literally!) in the Era of COVID-19

Putting on a Good Face (Literally!) in the Era of COVID-19
How is your skincare regimen holding up during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Just because you might not be out in public doesn't mean it's time to slack on your skincare routine. It's also a time that people are not eating as healthfully as they should, resulting in undesirable breakouts. 

How can you keep up?

Caroline Parker, Esthetician at Equinox, joins Dr. Peeke to share some at-home skincare tips to last you through the COVID-19 crisis.


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Featured Speaker:
Caroline Parker, Esthetician
Caroline Parker is a top producing Esthetician for Equinox. She has consistently practiced Esthetics for the last 15 years. Caroline's true passion is helping people look and feel their best. This includes treating acne, KP, redness, uneven skin tone, and unwanted hair.

Caroline is a proud single mom of a 15 year old. She grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland.