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Practicing Frugality in the Era of COVID-19

Practicing Frugality in the Era of COVID-19

Frugality in the Wall Street Journal? Its a thing.

Jen Smith joins Dr. Pam Peeke to discuss modern frugality, debt, personal finance, and maybe a bit of crossfit.

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Jen Smith

Jen Smith is a  personal finance writer and co-host of the Frugal Friends Podcast. My husband, Travis, and I got married on October 3rd, 2015 with almost $78,000 of debt between us. Through frugality and side hustles, we paid it off in 23 months and have been debt-free since August 31st, 2017!

Since then I’ve become a bestselling author on Amazon, mom to the most adorable baby boy, and our story has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, Women’s Day, Business Insider, and more.

I started Modern Frugality to help my friends and others who want to pay off debt, learn to do it efficiently, stay motivated on the journey and achieve a lifestyle full of joy and contentment.


Instagram: @modernfrugality