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Modern Menopause Solutions

Modern Menopause Solutions

She did it, she said the M-word. And that's what we'll be talking about today, menopause.

But there is a new narrative emerging around menopause. What is it, and what does it mean to aging women? 

Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su is the Chief Medical Officer for Gennev, an online clinic for midlife and menopause

We'll hear the doctors talk all about menopause education, helping women understand their bodies, how much sex you should be having, and what Dr. Pam likes to call "shapeshifting."

Featured Speaker:
Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su

Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su is the Chief Medical Officer for Gennev. Her expertise in women's health began in residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Pennsylvania. Her experience as an OB/GYN clinician-educator and researcher at the University of Washington, clinical OB at Swedish Medical Center, and now Director of Menopause at the Swedish Women's Clinic has fueled her pursuit of women's health. She lives in Seattle with her husband and children and loves to travel.

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