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Hi Tech Hot Flash Relief without Medication!

Hi Tech Hot Flash Relief without Medication!
The vast majority of women going through menopause have hot flashes. That's millions of people, going through this along with you every day.

That's where the Embr Wave comes in. This wearable wristband uses exclusive technology and advanced thermal science to cool your body quickly, safely, and effectively when you feel a hot flash coming on.

In the heat of the moment, simply press the button and instantly start feeling waves of cooling designed to bring you relief fast.

Liz Gazda is the CEO of Embr, where Dr. Pam is also a Chief Medical Officer. Liz is back on the show to talk about the Embr Wave 2, the secret sauce to this technology, and the younger generation's push for more transparency and fewer stigma around menopause and menstruation.
Featured Speaker:
Liz Gazda
Elizabeth Gazda is a serial entrepreneur and the current CEO of Embr Labs - a
wearables company that developed the Embr Wave – a wrist-worn, personal thermostat
that improves sleep, relieves anxiety, and helps with hot flashes.

Prior to Embr Labs, Liz was a member of several founding teams including, a fintech
company, and a music technology company and has also worked at a number of Boston’s
fastest-growing companies, including m-Qube (Acq. Verisign) and unicorn Art Technology
Group (acq. Oracle). Liz began her career with Philips Consumer Electronics in the
The Netherlands, where she was responsible for driving innovation in several business
divisions across multiple countries.

Elizabeth received her undergraduate degree in Anthropology and International relations
from UC Berkeley where she was also a member of the Women’s Varsity Soccer team. She
also holds an International MBA from Nijenrode University in the Netherlands and an
Executive Coaching degree from William James College. Elizabeth serves as a board
member and advisor to several startups in IoT, hardware and software.