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Encore Episode: Putting the Joy into Exercise
Featured Speaker: Beth Frates, MD  
Fitness should be fun for you.
Power of Healthy Hormone Balance
Featured Speaker: Neal Barnard, MD, FACC  
The foods you eat may throw your hormones out of balance.
Get Out of Your Own Way
Featured Speaker: Judy Ho, PhD, ABPP, CFMHE  
Put a plan in place to stop self sabotage and reach your goals.
Encore Episode: It's Okay to Suck at Something in Life
Featured Speaker: Karen Rinaldi, Author  
There's a certain beauty when things are harder than they seem.
Finding Your "Yes"
Featured Speaker: Pamela Madsen  
Improve your relationship with your own body and find your "yes."
Encore Episode: Handle Your Holiday Eating by Swapping out Foods
Featured Speaker: Abbie Gellman, MS, RD  
Keep your nutrition on track by swapping for smarter ingredients.
Deception in Intimate Relationships
Featured Speaker: Jill Elaine Hasday  
Don't let others blame you for being deceived in an intimate relationship. Seek legal remedy where possible.
Encore Episode: Improving Your Health Through Gratitude
Featured Speaker: Zack Friedman, Author  
Changing your perspective can influence your wellness.
Encore Episode: Make Your Own Luck
Featured Speaker: Janice Kaplan, Author  
You may be leaving opportunities on the table.
Encore Episode: Emotional Success: Gratitude, Compassion & Pride
Featured Speaker: David DeSteno  
It takes more than drive to reach your goals.