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Life After Suicide
Featured Speaker: Jennifer Ashton, MD, Chief Medical Correspondent for ABC News  
What happens for the survivors after someone commits suicide?
How to Face Your Fears, Overcome Adversity and Lead a Life You Love
Featured Speaker: Ruth Soukup, Author  
Start taking risks and overcome fear.
Sexual Coaching: Reach Your Desire Potential
Featured Speaker: Noelle Cordeaux, Sexual Coach  
You deserve the bedroom pleasures that make you feel fulfilled.
Sexual Health: No More Shame
Featured Speaker: Heather Bartos, MD  
Don't be embarrassed to talk about sex.
Dealing with Panic Attacks
Featured Speaker: Lata K. McGinn, PhD  
Are you affected by panic attacks?
Sex Education
Featured Speaker: Andrea Barrica, CEO & Founder of  
Ignorance doesn't prevent sex from happening.
Cut the Crap: Clearing Out Emotional Clutter
Featured Speaker: Tracy McCubbin, Organizational Expert  
It's time to stop hanging on to the things that don't serve you.
Writing Your Own Wellness Prescription
Featured Speaker: Beth Shaw, Founder of YogaF it  
Your job is to manage your health with what works best for you.
Dogs: Woman’s Best Friends
Featured Speaker: Rachel McPherson, Founder & President of The Good Dog Foundation  
Dogs are great for our health.
Let's Get Cliterate
Featured Speaker: Laurie Mintz, PhD  
Get to know the powerful bundle of nerves dedicated to sexual pleasure.