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Video Games, Violence & Women's Body Issues
Featured Speaker: Chris Ferguson, PhD  
Do video games really contribute to violence and women's self-esteem issues?
What Drug & Alcohol Abuse Does to Your Heart
Featured Speaker: Jennifer Haythe, MD  
Protect your heart and longevity by knowing the effects of drug and alcohol abuse.
The Truth Found in Diet Books
Featured Speaker: Adrienne Bitar, PhD  
What valuable information can you find in diet books?
Improving Your Health Through Gratitude
Featured Speaker: Zack Friedman, Author  
Changing your perspective can influence your wellness.
Encore Episode: Sexual Harassment
Featured Speaker: Kim Elsesser, PhD  
How can you interact with the opposite sex at work without worries about being harassed?
Encore Episode: Mental Strength for Women
Featured Speaker: Amy Morin, LCSW  
Boost your mental strength.
Preparing the Family for Life Without You
Featured Speaker: Mary Bergstrom  
Live every day as if it is your last.
How to Self-Coach When Times Are Tough
Featured Speaker: Beth Frates, MD  
Work with yourself instead of against yourself to find success.
It's Okay to Suck at Something in Life
Featured Speaker: Karen Rinaldi, Author  
There's a certain beauty when things are harder than they seem.
Eating to Beat Disease
Featured Speaker: William Li, MD  
Your food choices influence the development of blood vessels in your body.