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Embrace Aging: Resilience of Older Women
Featured Speaker: Mary Pipher, PhD  
Many women notice that their older years are the richest, most enjoyable phase of their lives.
Erections: Performance Worries
Featured Speaker: Aaron Spitz, MD  
Learn about the physiological response of the penis, how erections normally function, and what can be done when your member is on strike.
Mental Strength for Women
Featured Speaker: Amy Morin, LCSW  
Boost your mental strength.
Wrinkles: Aging Beautifully
Featured Speaker: Doris Day, MD  
What causes wrinkles and how can you age beautifully?
Encore Episode: The Empowered Mama
Featured Speaker: Lisa Druxman, Fitness Entrepreneur & Author  
Take care of yourself so you are capable of creating a happy, healthy family.
Have You Been Duped?
Featured Speaker: Abby Ellin, author  
Have you ever gotten caught up in someone's web of lies without realizing it? You are not alone.
Encore Episode: Redefining Beauty
Featured Speaker: Andrea Belluso, Fashion Photographer & Modeling Agent  
Beauty is more than skin deep.
Encore Episode: Pregnancy & Eating: What You Should Know
Featured Speaker: Nicole Avena, PhD  
Eat wisely for your baby's best health.
Sexual Anti-Aging for Men
Featured Speaker: Aaron Spitz, MD  
Find out sexual anti-aging tips for men and learn all about the penis.
No One Tells You This: Happiness for the Modern Woman
Featured Speaker: Glynnis MacNicol, Author  
Today's happy woman doesn't look the same as it did for your grandmother.