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Dr. Peeke’s Words of Wisdom - Celebrating 300 Episodes of HER!
It's hard to believe we've done it for this long, but this is our 300th episode!
A Radical Rethinking About All of Life’s Stages
Featured Speaker: Dr. Ken Dychtwald  
Today we are redefining the aging process. New narratives and trends are happening around people over the age of 50. And our guest is at the forefront of these cultural changes, and how we think about older adults.
You May Have Experienced Complex Trauma and Not Know It
Featured Speaker: Christine A. Courtois, PhD, PLLC  

We talk about resilience and stress all the time on this show. But today we're digging deeper, into complex traumas and how to heal from them.

Featured Speaker: Amanda Thebe  
Menopacalypse. WHAT?! Buckle up because you're in for a ride this episode!
2020 Sucks—Embrace It!
Featured Speaker: Brent Gleeson  
Dr. Pam is an Olympic triathlete, so she craves that burning pain of pushing yourself. Which is why she was so drawn to this new book Embrace the Suck:
The Navy SEAL Way to an Extraordinary Life.
Red Hot Mamas
Featured Speaker: Karen Giblin  
A new burgeoning industry is on the horizon, as more than 70 million women head towards perimenopause and menopause. 

Taking Time Out To Be In Awe
Featured Speaker: Gretchen Reynolds  
Gosh, it is difficult these days to find something to be happy about. Or to be positive in general. But Gretchen Reynolds says, why don't you go for an awe walk?
The Art of the Pandemic Meltdown
Featured Speaker: Elizabeth Bernstein  
Listen, we've all probably had one by now - a pandemic meltdown. Whether it's lockdowns or stress about work or worrying about money, there is a lot happening right now to send you over the emotional edge!
I Got Blown Up in Iraq. Years Later, Amputating My Leg Set Me Free
Featured Speaker: Elana Duffy  

The title on this one says it all. Today we are talking to Elana Duffy - a US Army veteran who made the brave decision to amputate her leg after an attack while serving in Iraq.

Welcome To Hormone University
Featured Speaker: Ana Gonzalez Herrera  
Hormone University was born in 2020 as an educational platform with the mission to improve hormone health through knowledge and advocate for social impact in our communities.