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Martha Teichen: Legendary CBS Reporter and Now, Author
Featured Speaker: Martha Teichen  

Martha Teichner has been a correspondent for “CBS Sunday Morning” since December 1993, where she’s equally adept at covering major breaking national and international news stories as she is handling in-depth cultural and arts topics. 

EMBR Labs: Helping You Cool Down In Menopause
Featured Speaker: Liz Gazda  
How did 3 guys in their 20s at MIT develop some of the most forward-thinking technology for women in menopause? 

Table For Five: A Father's Story of Life, Love, and Loss
Featured Speaker: Ted Yang  
As an about-to-be first-time father, Ted Yang felt he had it all: married to the love of his life, a fulfilling and lucrative career, and an instant family with triplets on the way.

It all changed in the blink of an eye with premature birth, a death, and years-long struggle to keep a child alive. 

Starting The First-Ever Online Clinic for Women in Menopause
Featured Speaker: Jill Angelo  
The M-word is back again this episode: Menopause. 

A New Way to Burn Calories at Your Desk
Featured Speaker: Joel Heath  
People have been trying for ages to make sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day healthier. Sitting on a ball, treadmill desks, standing desks, and more. Well, now there is another option: the FluidStance.

A Guide To Living The Life You Were Born To Live For People Who Weren’t Born Yesterday
Featured Speaker: Sedena Cappannelli  
As soon as we're born we begin to age. Then why are we in this country taught to avoid and resent aging from a young age?
How We Really Burn Calories, Lose Weight and Stay Healthy
Featured Speaker: Dr. Herman Pontzer  
We burn 2,000 calories a day. And if we exercise and cut carbs, we’ll lose more weight. Right? Wrong.
Contagion: Plagues, Pandemics and Cures from the Black Death to Covid-19 and Beyond
Featured Speaker: Dr. Richard Gunderman  
Have you had enough of this pandemic already?! Over a year of our lives lost or on hold, just like that.
Mind Thief: The Story of Alzheimer's
Featured Speaker: Han Yu  
Can an active lifestyle ward off Alzheimer's? That was the focus of our guest's latest article in the Wall Street Journal.