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The Importance of Touch in the Time of COVID-19
Featured Speaker: Dr. Tiffany Field  

The era of COVID-19 is going to be here for a while, and the longer it goes on, the more we have to navigate and learn this new way of life.  

This Is Why COVID-19 Is Killing So Many Black People
Featured Speaker: Sabrina Strings, PhD.  
As a physician and a PEW scholar, Dr. Pam says we should be focusing on the insidious causes of disparities in healthcare access. So when she came across Dr. Sabrina Strings' latest piece in the New York Times, she had to have her on.
NERVE: Adventures in the Science of Fear
Featured Speaker: Eva Holland  
The horror if life is to actually be indoors, according to Dr. Pam. So the chance to chat with a correspondent for Outside Magazine is right up her alley. 

How to Exercise Safely in the Era of COVID-19
Featured Speaker: NiCole Keith, PhD, FACSM  
The one thing keeping many people sane during lockdown was figuring out new ways to work out at home.
Practicing Frugality in the Era of COVID-19
Featured Speaker: Jen Smith  
Frugality in the Wall Street Journal? Its a thing.
This is Your COVID-19 Survival Guide
Featured Speaker: Dr. Ronesh Sinha  
There is so much differing information out there about COVID-19 - but do you have your notebook out? Because we have a comprehensive survival guide this episode.
The Science of Praying Throughout the Era of COVID-19
Featured Speaker: Elizabeth Bernstein  

Wall Street Journal Columnist Elizabeth Bernstein joins Dr. Pam to talk about her latest column.

Her work centers on all aspects of relationships including academic research in social psychology, communication, neuroscience, and how they relate. 

Get Inspired by the Female Chemist Who’s Blowing Up Science Stereotypes
Featured Speaker: Dr. Kate Biberdorf, aka “Kate the Chemist”  
Sure you've heard of a scientist, a chemist, a biologist...but what about a science entertainer?!

Let Mother Nature Show You How to Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic
Featured Speaker: Alyssa Y. Stark, Stephanie A. Fernhaber  
Where can we find some guidance during this pandemic? That's the million-dollar questions. Well, those in the field of biomimicry say look to the forest floor.
How COVID-19 is Actually Changing the Dating Game for the Better
Featured Speaker: Helen Fisher, PhD  
From the outside, it seems like COVID-19 has turned the dating world on its head. How are you supposed to have that perfect first date if you...can't have it in person?