How Your Body Acts after Two Weeks of No Exercise

Scott Weiss, PT, MS - Guest Bio
Scott Weiss Dr. Scott Weiss is a licensed physical therapist and board certified athletic trainer in the state of New York. He is also a registered exercise physiologist, strength and conditioning specialist and owner of five physical therapy and sports medicine clinics in new York city and queens. Scott possesses both a bachelor's and master's degree in exercise physiology and a doctorate in physical therapy.

Throughout his career, he had the pleasure and good fortune to work with some of the world's elite athletes. These include several United States Olympic Teams, National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL) and celebrities all over the big screen. In the last decade, Scott was chosen to be part of our Unites States sports medicine team in Athens, Greece and Beijing, China and London, England were he provided emergency medical and physical therapy services to all our U.S. athletes.
  • Topic Info:If working out has become a daily habit for you, you know how miserable you might feel if you're unable to work out for more than a week.

    It turns out that no matter how fit you are, your age, or how long you've been working out regularly... two weeks without working out has a drastic effect on your body.

    What are the visible signs of taking two weeks off?

    You can expect the loss of muscle mass, weight gain (if you haven't changed your diet), your speed and endurance will decline, your brain might feel cloudy, and your dopamine levels might also drop.

    Lack of exercise can drop your energy levels and reduce your ability for deep sleep.

    Why is exercise so important to your health?

    Scott Weiss, PT, MS, joins Dr. Leigh to discuss why exercise is important to your health and what your body is like with two weeks of no exercise.
  • Host:Leigh Vinocur, MD