Rejuvenating Women’s Sex Lives with the O-Shot

Douglas Lord, MD - Guest Bio
Douglas LordDr. Douglas Lord is Nava's Medical Director, and one of the first physicians to join the Nava Health & Vitality Center where he has helped develop and implement the Nava Method™—Nava's proprietary approach to total body wellness. In his role at Nava, Dr. Lord is responsible for maintaining Nava's innovation and for creating the best experience for clients by ensuring they have access to the newest and best advances in integrative wellness.

Dr. Lord's traditional medical career began in 1970. He received his MD from Loma Linda University Medical School in 1966, followed by a rotating internship at Washington Adventist Hospital and Residency at George Washington University Obstetrics and Gynecology. He was Board Certified in 1972 with the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and holds his medical license through the state of Maryland.

Career highlights include esteemed positions at Washington Adventist Hospital as OB-GYN Department Chairman, Director of Education for Family Practice Residency, and Medical Director OB-GYN house staff. He has also served on the Executive Committee and Finance Committee at Washington Adventist Hospital and has had his own private OB-GYN practice since 1970. More recently, he has served as a Visiting Professor for University of South Florida's CME's on new methods of contraception, Proctor for Navasure Edometrial Ablation, Affiliate Faculty for George Mason's Nurse practitioner training program, and Faculty member at National Norplant.
  • Topic Info:Having an orgasm during intercourse can make sex 100 times better.

    In fact, orgasms are so great, celebs like Nicki Manaj says she demands one every time she's "getting busy."

    However, not all women are as lucky.

    According to Planned Parenthood statistics, one in three women have trouble reaching orgasm while having sex.

    Also, as many as 43 percent of women have female sexual dysfunction (FSD) that can make it extremely difficult to climax.

    If you've tried lubes, tingling creams, or sex toys and you're still unable to reach an orgasm with your partner, there might be some hope upon the horizon.

    Physicians have come up with a way to help you reach an orgasm, called an 0-shot. Using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy improves your ability to have an orgasm, as well as rejuvenates your vagina.

    How does the o-shot work?

    Listen in as Douglas Lord, MD, discusses everything about the o-shot and how it can help women achieve orgasm.
  • Host:Michelle King Robson and Pam Peeke, MD