Trauma: How to Heal Completely

​Joanne Mednick, LMFT, PsyD - Guest Bio
JoanneMednickDr. Joanne Mednick is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in a unique blend of various methodologies to offer her clients the deepest possible healing. Dr. Mednick has received her Psy.D, MFT from Ryokan College and has Master's degrees in both Applied Psychology as well as Counseling Psychology and her undergraduate work was at the University of Southern California. Her studies in Spiritual Psychology frame her point of view that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. This unique perspective permeates into Dr. Mednick's further studies.

Dr. Mednick has also received an additional degree in the field of Consciousness Health and Healing. This concentration allows her a deep understanding of the most severe addictions and traumas, and to assist in finding ways to help trauma survivors and sex addicts heal on all five levels of consciousness: Mental, Physical, Energetic, Emotional and Spiritual. 

Dr. Mednick has built her practice with clients worldwide. Through trauma, illness and addiction therapy, she transitions clients with the identification of living as "victims" or "survivors" all the way to that of living as "thrivers." She offers her clients complete healing to find deep meaning in past occurrences, and to take the "silver lining" in it all and view their issues as blessings in disguise. 

Dr. Mednick strives to bring her clients completion in the trauma/addiction/illness cycle, and to move them from pull into the trauma vortex (pain and chaos) towards easily and consciously choosing the healing vortex (calm and relaxed). Dr. Mednick took ongoing training in advanced EMDR techniques such as the Strategic Developmental Model for EMDR, is certified in Brain Spotting, and trained in Sensory Motor Psychotherapy and Somatic Therapy. This assisted her most extremely traumatized clients and addicts process their issues much more easily, and without undue distress. Dr. Mednick believes in the importance of the Inner Journey and how best to support her clients in reconnecting with that which is inside. 

Dr. Mednick had also undertaken twelve further years of study with world ­renowned Energy Medicine specialist Christine Schenk. She was a member of the first US graduating Master's class. Dr. Mednick is one of the few people in America trained in the CHRIS®­Technique, and as a part of the services she offers, Dr. Mednick blends these techniques into her work at Serenity Trauma Healing Center. The addition of the CHRIS®­Technique to all the psychotherapeutic education has helped Joanne to assist her clients in reaching higher levels of inner peace, connectedness in their body, and achieving a sense of wellness in their lives. 

Through her many years as a therapist and her deep commitment to cutting edge education, she has learned to pinpoint even the most resistant clients' deepest issues and help them to change their destructive patterns. Dr. Mednick believes it is her life's purpose to help others move along their own path towards full and complete healing.
  • Topic Info:Healing after a trauma is an incredibly complex process. 

    You need to give yourself time to process and understand what has happened, but you can sometimes struggle to remove the “victim” stigma that both follows you and affects how people treat you. 

    Dr. Joanne Mednick is the Executive Director of the Serenity Trauma Healing Center in California. 

    Dr. Mednick strives to bring her clients completion in the trauma/addiction/illness cycle and to move them from the pull of the trauma vortex of pain and chaos towards easily and consciously choosing the calm and relaxed healing vortex. 

    She discusses how to move from living as a survivor to a thriver and how you can come to view your issues as blessings in disguise.