EP 21 - What Is Frequency Medicine's Role in Healthcare?

Ben Johnson, MD - Guest Bio
Ben-JohnsonDr. Ben Johnson started his career in 1997 when he opened one of the first medi-spa chains with locations all around the U.S. Dr. Johnson then founded and formulated his first skin care line, Cosmedix, with a strategy that was unique at the time -- creating medical strength results using all natural and chirally correct ingredients.

Dr. Johnson has developed Osmosis Skincare with the goal of changing the direction of skin care away from excessive exfoliation and renewing the focus of dermal remodeling. It works on every skin condition on every skin type. The product range has created a great deal of excitement in the beauty industry, thanks to its unique action and outstanding results.
  • Topic Info:Every cell in your body has its own frequency much like a fingerprint. A revolutionary approach involves Harmonized Water, which works by communicating therapeutic messages imprinted on water.

    Harmonized Water resets cell frequencies restoring the body to an optimal state. As organ systems improve, so does the skin.

    Harmonized Water is designed to function in three ways:

    • Recalibrating imbalanced cells throughout the body
    • Canceling harmful frequencies
    • Replacing and enhancing the body's natural frequencies
    Listen as Dr. Ben Johnson, Osmosis Skincare Founder and Formulator, joins Dr. Bond to share more about frequency medicine and the work he and his team are doing at Osmosis.