Mold Toxicity & Chronic Inflammatory Illness

Eric Gordon, MD - Guest Bio
Dr. Eric GordonEric Gordon, MD is the founder and Medical Director of Gordon Medical Associate, a medical practice serving patients with complex chronic illness in Santa Rosa and San Rafael, CA.

“My deep respect for the individuality of my patients is the heart of my practice. The point is to carefully listen to each patient and correlate their subjective experience with pertinent objective laboratory tests, to determine unique treatment guidelines that allow the innate wisdom of the body to overcome illness and restore good health.”

Dr. Gordon has also been very engaged in research into these illnesses. In addition to seeing patients in his practice, Dr. Gordon organized and served as medical advisor and moderator for a series of medical symposia in Northern California, bringing together extraordinary faculties consisting of 30 leading international academic medical researchers and cutting-edge clinicians, respectively focusing on CFS, Lyme, autoimmune diseases and autism.

On 8/29/16, Dr. Gordon was a co-author of a groundbreaking study on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, “Metabolic Features of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” (, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS). Research into metabolomic characteristics is continuing through Dr. Gordon’s research center, Science in Service of Humanity (SISOH). Funding for ongoing study is partially underwritten by the Gordon Medical Research Center.

A follow-up metabolomic study of Chronic Fatigue in a larger group of patients should be published later in 2018. Dr. Gordon is currently designing outcome studies to be used across multiple practices to evaluate the effectiveness of non-standard tests and correlate them with patient experiences.

For Dr. Gordon knowledge and understanding does not come primarily from research, but from interaction and direct experience with his patients. He is first and foremost a private practice physician. His deep respect for the biochemical individuality of his patients is at the heart of his approach. Understanding chronic illness requires a larger perspective than the traditional one of find the triggering event, remove it and the body heals and we are back to health.   Chronic illness is not often an isolated response to a toxic exposure or an infection.  Chronic illness is more a stuck note in a complicated sonata of the interaction between the triggering event(s) and the complexity that is you.
  • Topic Info:Chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) refers to symptoms associated with biotoxic exposure.

    Biotoxins can enter the body via inhalation, which is something that often occurs with mold spores. They can also enter the body via insect bite. Biotoxins can be consumed via contaminated food and drink.

    CIRS symptoms don’t fit typical disease models with an obvious inciting event. The individual’s body response incites the symptoms, but not all doctors can easily spot the trigger for that person.

    Listen as Dr. Eric Gordon joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to discuss how CIRS works and the role mold plays as a trigger.
  • Host:Susanne Bennett, DC