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The 24-Hour Woman

From the Show: Wellness for Life
Summary: What is the 24-hour woman? A woman who is always on the go with work, family and love... yet keeps it all together.
Air Date: 2/27/15
Duration: 10
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest Bio: Cheryl Liew-Chng, Author
Profile CherylLiewChng01Having served in leadership positions in multiple industries and countries, Cheryl Liew-Chng transitioned to become an award-winning international speaker, trainer, coach and author. In addition to being the  founder of LifeWorkz, a management consulting practice, Cheryl is also  a recognized authority for women leadership and personal development. Meet Cheryl at www.The24HourWoman.com which guides women in redesigning and transitioning to live a “live most excellent.”

The 24-Hour Woman
Cheryl Liew, the award-winning author of the 24-Hour Woman, shares her tips to becoming the woman that has it all.

What does that woman look like? One with a successful career, family and love... but also one that doesn't have to sacrifice her sanity.

Cheryl also shares her five essential secrets for building a profitable and fulfilling career without compromising your lifestyle.

Tune in to this insightful interview.

RadioMD Presents: Wellness for Life Radio | Original Air Date: February 27, 2015
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest: Cheryl Liew-Chng, Author

It’s time to feel better with help from Dr. Susanne Bennett. Allergies, nutrition, ultimate wellness—all discussed right here, right now. It’s Wellness for Life Radio on RadioMD. Here’s your host, Dr. Susanne.

DR. SUSANNE: If you’re a woman, definitely listen closely and if you are a man, you grab your girl and listen in as well. Should women strive to have it all? The ultimate life possible? A loving relationship, a family and a successful professional life? Well, my next guest has spent her career on teaching women how to achieve a fulfilled, balanced and vibrant life. Here to share some of her amazing principles, please welcome the award-winning author of The 24-Hour Woman, Cheryl Liew-Chng.

Hey, Cheryl!

CHERYL: Hey, Susanne! How are you? Thank you for this invitation.

DR. SUSANNE: Absolutely. Now, everyone, you’re going to know that there’s a little lag because we are talking to Cheryl who is calling in from Singapore. So, thanks so much.

Now, Cheryl, The 24-Hour Woman can sound really like you’re going to be a superwoman, you know? Tell me, what is your exact definition of a 24-hour woman.

CHERYL: Yes, Susanne. Well, the 24-hour woman is well, anything but the superwoman because she knows that for her to have that kind of relationship and the kind of life that you have just described, she knows that she has to be wise around what she does with her effort and her time. Very often, there are certain myths that we have with us as we were growing up. I think the biggest thing was like for us to have it all. I think, basically, in my area of work, I’ve discovered that women do want to have it all, but their definition of having it all is different from one woman to the other and the 24-hour woman who can be vibrant and live a fulfilled, happy life certainly knows that there are certain distinctions that she needs to make. One of the first areas is that when she realizes that she does not have all the resources at her disposal. She is just stressed, like all of us, having all the things to be coping with and she is mindful, however, and wise that she cannot do it all alone. So, one of the first myths I like to bust about the 24-hour woman is that she knows that she needs to be building her resources. She needs to be readying her help around her personal life, around her family life so that she is able, then, to live and thrive as the 24-hour woman she desires in living the life to the fullest that she wants.

The other humongous assumption about the 24-hour woman having it all, I think, it’s less about having it all, but more the emphasis on how do we manage it all and be happy and fulfilled rather than having it all as defined by everyone around you and beign empty and unhappy within because having it all depends on how you define what drives your happiness and fulfillment. Ultimately, with that, being able to live a vibrant life. The women I’ve worked with in my own life, what I’ve experienced is, instead of trying to have it all and trying to do it all which is what the ideal superwoman cares about, is that you master the art of navigating life successfully based on what is most important to you. What is the legacy that you want to be leaving behind? I think that’s a key piece because, you know, at the end of the day, do we ask ourselves, “Do I love all the mansions and the holidays and all I have?” Yes, of course. But, what do I truly, truly, truly value most at the end of the day? It’s really the relationships, the friendships.

What do you think, Susanne? In your own life?

DR. SUSANNE: Well, let’s talk about that, Cheryl, because you and I have talked about this intensely. We’ve been friends for about 3 years and I so respect what you teach in your book, The 24-Hour Woman because I know for myself that I live a pretty busy life. We all know that. Anyone who knows my lifestyle, my practice, how I work with food and nutrition, my supplements, I’ve got a family. I’ve got my son and, of course, I’ve got this radio show which I absolutely love. See, this all takes a lot of time and energy and you’re absolutely right. I really can’t do everything that some women would want to do. What I try to do is manage my time properly and work very efficiently so that I have a balanced life, so that I have time to go on vacation and be with my family members, be able to hang out with my girlfriends. I mean, things like that. So, I am so right there with you about managing. Managing is key. I don’t do everything. I just manage it better than most people or most women. That’s what you’re saying, aren’t you? That’s what you’re talking about—the 24-Hour woman.

CHERYL: Yes, absolutely. It’s about managing proactively and consciously by designing your day to the life that you want and having the clarity of what is the legacy you want to be leaving behind. You know, your legacy really touches so many lives through nutrition and your practice. That’s one of the key pieces or foundations to be directing your day.

DR. SUSANNE: So, when you say “creating it deliberately”, what is it that you can suggest to the women out there, and even men, what can we do right now? How do you create your day deliberately to help us deal with the day to day stresses?

CHERYL: Well, I think one of the key pieces--and this is a great time to be talking about it. You know, it is the Lunar New Year in Chinese New Year. It is time for the Great Reset. But, for that matter, for all of us, any point in time. There is no better time for a Great Reset than now. So, you do not need permission to be going for the Great Reset. But, the Great Reset will help you, then, to find yourself. The clarity as to what you want to be building towards. Every single day, we are building towards something. What do you want to be building towards? And with that, that becomes your key focus of what you do on a day to day basis. What do you say “yes” to? What do you say “no” to? And that helps you to cut down on a lot of the noise that’s around you on a day to day basis. Every action that you take, every conversation that you have, every relationship that you are investing in will help you to move towards the legacy that you are building. So that, at the end of the day, you feel fulfilled. You feel engaged because you are building toward something that you value versus day to day just running your “to do” list. I think that’s important because time is an element that we know that in the blink of an eye, it’s another year. So, begin to have clarity as to what is it that you really want to be achieving? Breaking it down to your day to day and then, therefore, you know what are the boundaries going into that. What are the boundaries day to day that you need to be setting? What would you need to say “no” to, but would you need to bundle some of the daily practices? To bundle your daily practices, or alternate some of the things you need to do rather than doing it, every day, do it on alternate days. A very clear view of simplifying your life so that you can really invest in what matters most.


CHERYL: I think, if you can at all, delegate.

DR. SUSANNE: Delegate things that you’ve got to do. That’s so true. You know? I know for a fact that if it wasn’t for my assistant, I really couldn’t deal with everything. We really only have time--Gosh, we’re almost down to the last minute here. I want us to finish up with those beliefs that trap us from being able to live that fulfilled, happy, vibrant life. You already went over Myth 1, which was about dealing with all of your resources. Then, Number 2. There’s Myth 2 and Myth 3. Within a minute, I hope you can go over those two myths quickly before we end our show.

CHERYL: Right. Myth 2 is all about having it all but I want you to have it all, you know, all your listeners, but have it all in your own terms. What having it all, success, means to you and the third one is really about don’t let the media, don’t let history, don’t let your social community tell you what success is about. Success is determined by you and who you authentically are, so be the 24-hour woman that’s happy, fulfilled and vibrant. Burst all those myths and have a Great Reset right now.

DR. SUSANNE: Thank you, Cheryl. Thanks so much. For more information about her book, The 24-Hour Woman, and more, please go to my Wellness for Life radio page on RadioMD and thank you so much for listening.

Until then, I’m Dr. Susanne sharing natural health remedies right here on RadioMD.

Stay well!