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What a Cardiologist Won't Eat

From the Show: Health Radio
Summary: What foods will cardiologists avoid?
Air Date: 5/12/16
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Jennifer Haythe, MD
Dr. Jennifer HaytheDr. Jennifer Haythe is a practicing Cardiologist as well as the Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, Co-Director for the Women’s Center for Cardiovascular Health, Director of the Adult Pulmonary Hypertension Center and Director of Cardiac Obstetric Service.

Born in New York City, and raised in both Stamford and Greenwich, Connecticut, Dr. Haythe used her competitiveness and determination as a horseback rider at Greenwich Academy to excel at academics as well. Never one to sit still for long, Dr. Haythe knew early on that a regular desk job would not work for her. Drawing on an early love of science and desire to help others made pursuing a career in the medical field a natural fit.

Dr. Haythe went earned her undergraduate degree from Harvard University, and went on to complete her medical training and residency at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in 2003. Initially planning a career in Pulmonary Critical Care, Dr. Haythe decided to switch to Cardiology after speaking with her mentor Dr. Donna Mancini.

Upon completing a fellowship for congestive-heart failure-cardiac transplants in 2005 (under Dr. Mancini), and cardiovascular diseases fellowship in 2009, Dr. Haythe began practicing at Columbia University Medical Center. Her specialties include pulmonary hypertension, heart failure and cardiac transplant.

Despite Cardiology being a heavily male dominated medical field, Dr. Haythe has become a sought after specialist in New York City, with particular interest in both chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH) and the care of pregnant women with cardiovascular diseases.

Dr. Haythe continues to find her own motivation and determination through the strong patient and family relationships she has forged, and the gratification of helping her patients get a new life with a heart transplant or assist devices, allowing patients to be able to live a full life with their families, as well as helping pregnant women safely deliver children and be able to care for them with post-delivery health care.

Dr. Haythe lives and practices in New York City. When not working, she enjoys an active lifestyle that includes running, boxing and yoga, as well as spending time with her husband, Eli and their two children.
What a Cardiologist Won't Eat
Nutrition plays a large role in cardiologists' advice on heart health.

What dietary advice do cardiologists follow themselves?

  • Avoid frequent consumption of red meat. Poultry, pork and fish are better options. If you love the red meat, consume in moderation. Have it once every two weeks or once a month.
  • No fake fats. Natural fats like those found in avocados and nuts are better for you.
  • Processed meats are bad for you. This means you should curb your consumption of bacon, sausage, hot dogs and lunch meat. If you can't go without processed meats, shop for something hormone-free, organic and not highly-cured.
  • Don't eat cheese foods. Put down the squeeze cheese and dip. Eat real cheese. Splurge on some fancy cheese.
  • No store-bought pastries, including the ones from the bakery case. Stick with homemade treats in moderation.
Your best bet is to follow the Mediterranean diet for optimum heart health.

Listen in as Dr. Jennifer Haythe discusses what cardiologists won't eat.