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Stress Management through Brain Training

From the Show: Health Radio
Summary: Train your brain to better handle stress.
Air Date: 7/7/16
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Dave Beal
Dave BealDave Beal is the Program Director and Head National Trainer for Power Brain Education (PBE) and the author of the upcoming book The Power Brain Classroom.  

After several successful years of teaching Brain Education (BE) as a classroom teacher in Freeport and Brooklyn, NY, Dave has spent the last eight years training thousands of administrators, parents and students how to utilize their fullest brain potential through BE.  
Dave’s vision is to help every school in the U.S. become a “Power Brain School” which promotes health, happiness, peace and optimal achievement for each member of the school community. Power Brain Education has worked with 400 schools, training 15,000 teachers and 40,000 students in mindfulness and neuroplasticity techniques over the past eight years. NYC Department of Education (DOE) Chancellor Farina recently endorsed PBE for their success in promoting social-emotional wellness and PBE is working with the NYC DOE to bring Brain Education to all 1800 schools in NYC over the next three years.

Dave has led experiential BE sessions and lectures at the United Nations Headquarters, Nike Corporate Headquarters, the University of Brain Education in South Korea and presented BE to the Congress of New Mexico. Dave holds his BA from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and his Masters in Education from PACE University (both with honors). He is the main trainer for all Power Brain Education instructor programs.
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Stress Management through Brain Training
Some stress is good for your brain. It teaches you how to problem solve under pressure and develops your stress management skills.

The problem is that stress can kill memory if you don't work on brain response. Anxiety and stress top the reasons for poor academic performance. You know that stress can mess you up at work.

If you feel overloaded and start thinking about stress management, it's a little too late to try training your brain to deal with the immediate situation. Many people get a headache when the stress becomes overwhelming. You have to deal with the immediate pressure and get your brain in shape later.

When the stress gets to you, try to stimulate brain circulation with tapping. With your fingertips tap these places with gentle pressure: temples, above the ears, top of the head, back of head where the neck meets the skull, forehead, under the eyes, or anywhere that feels tense. Open the mouth and tap the jaw. Take deep breaths while tapping and exhale through your mouth. Then, squeeze your face, relax and release that tension. Cease tapping and concentrate on breathing with your mouth open. Inhale good energy and exhale the stress. You may feel significantly better after this exercise.

The key thing to remember when feeling stressed is to change the energy immediately.

Listen in as brain fitness expert Dave Beal shares how to prepare your brain to deal with stress.