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The Personality Triangle

From the Show: Rewired Radio
Summary: We all want to be liked, but what do you do when -- despite your best efforts and intentions -- someone just doesn’t like you?
Air Date: 6/11/18
Duration: 25:06
Host: Erica Spiegelman
Guest Bio: Bizzie Gold, Personal Development Expert + Serial Entrepreneur
Bizzie-GoldOne of the world's top Personal Development + Wellness Experts, Bizzie Gold has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, TODAY, E!, EXTRA, Home & Family, Bethenny, ABC NEWS and MSNBC to discuss her unique approach to sustainable transformation that has garnered widespread Hollywood praise (past clients include Julia Roberts + Jennifer Love Hewitt, among others). Gold's off-the-cuff humor and focus on diligent accountability, helps clients achieve striking breakthroughs in record time. An industry disruptor to the core, Gold is bulldozing the model of "coaching" that financially preys on countless people across the globe, replacing it with a sustainable model that puts the clients swift breakthrough at the forefront of all sessions.

In addition to her groundbreaking work in personal development, Gold is a serial entrepreneur with five global brands held by her successful Buti Inc. parent company. In addition to her consulting work with male and female-led brands, she works passionately to help women expand their presence in c-suite positions and access funding from private equity. In a recent interview she stated:

"If we can help motivated female entrepreneurs learn from our mistakes while fast tracking their brand vision, demographic research and options for funding through female-led investment vehicles, we will drastically alter the corporate landscape for many years to come. There is no such thing as the glass ceiling. Unfortunately, through priming and participating in conferences that complain about its existence, we fall right into the hands of the stereotype. I am a firm believer that 'what you don't know - you DON'T know.' If you don't know the statistics of female start-ups getting funded vs. male start-ups then you DON'T let it affect you. If the successful female entrepreneurs of the world mobilize their efforts to fund and mentor other women just like us, we will see that statistic change. FAST."

Whether Gold is helping a client break through emotional addiction or bring a consumer product to market, she does it with harsh accountability, thought-provoking Directed Storytelling® exercises and a lot of humor. Dubbed "the millennial voice of personal development," Gold infuses her teaching and advisory services with her core belief that millennials build the world they want to live in. Whether a client is 50 or 18, Gold's teaching style transcends age and finds its way into the brain chemistry of each and every every student looking to BREAK THEIR WORLD WIDE OPEN.
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The Personality Triangle
We all want to be liked, but what do you do when -- despite your best efforts and intentions -- someone just doesn’t like you?

It’s not an easy situation to manage, but Personal Development Expert Bizzie Gold has some answers.

She joins host Erica Spiegelman to offer some insight into how we can navigate this dynamic.

Bizzie explores how we can shift our communication style and the way we give and receive energy so that we can cultivate the relationships we want and live the life we were meant to live.