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REAL Resolutions for Fitness

Although more than half of American adult New Year's resolutions have a health component (with losing weight being the #1 New Year’s vow), research shows that 92% of resolutions are abandoned by January 20.

That is a mere three weeks!

Dr. Darria talks with celebrity personal trainer and health coach, David Buer, to find out why it is so hard to keep health and fitness resolutions, and more importantly, how you can ensure that you are one of the determined eight percent who follows through and stays on track throughout the year.
REAL Resolutions for Fitness
Featured Speaker:
David Buer, Fitness Expert
005e4e5938e297eb93a5d8f7264c2dabDavid Buer is an Atlanta-based personal trainer whose helps celebrities, world-class athletes and business professionals meet their fitness goals. He has created a specialized, free program exclusively for Sharecare users, called Transform YOU, where he shares his expertise on fitness, nutrition and wellness.