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Preparing for a Marathon: A Doctor’s Perspective

As the medical director of the massive Publix Georgia Marathon event, Dr. Lekshmi Vaidyanathan of Emory University Hospital provides tips for athletes getting ready for a major athletic endurance event such as a marathon run.

She also describes what goes on behind the scenes in the medical tents.

Topics include injury prevention, race day preparation, and what to do in case of an emergency.

Preparing for a Marathon: A Doctor’s Perspective
Featured Speaker:
Lekshmi Vaidyanathan, MD
Vaidyanathan Lekshmi 06ADr Lekshmi Vaidyanathan, MD, is assistant professor of emergency medicine at Emory University School of Medicine and emergency medicine physician for Emory Healthcare. She completed her fellowship training in Pre-hospital Medicine and Disaster Management (EMS) at Emory. She has served as the medical director for the Publix Georgia Marathon for the past three years which hosts approximately 16,000 runners annually. She currently serves as the medical director providing guidance, leadership and quality assurance for fire-based and ambulance 911 EMS systems that serve the metro Atlanta region. Her focus is on improving education and clinical care in the prehospital arena.