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Stress Reducers & Happiness Makers that Help Women Cope

Therapist and motivational speaker/author Dr. Karin Smithson discusses common stressors that affect women at different points in their lives and their environments.

She also provides great actionable tips and strategies, both physical and mental, to cope with stress and become a happier person overall.

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Stress Reducers & Happiness Makers that Help Women Cope
Featured Speaker:
Karin Smithson, PhD
Dr-Karin CroppedDr. Karin Smithson is a sought after developmental expert, therapist, educator and author with a specialty in relationships, gender issues, stress coping, and resiliency. Dr. Karin has worked in numerous clinical fields with individuals, couples and groups in inpatient, outpatient, emergency, and private counseling settings. She has been featured as an expert on extensive media over the years, has a featured “Ask Dr. Karin” at Southern Seasons Magazine and is a featured blogger for Huffington Post. Currently, Karin is co-authoring the inspiring book, The Fatherless Daughter Project.

Dr. Karin received her Early Childhood Education degree from Wesleyan College, her Master’s degree in Counseling from Argosy University, with honors, and her Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Practice from Georgia State University, with high honors.