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Travel Well: How the “Athletically-Minded” Travel

Jim Kaese, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Athletic-Minded Traveler website, joins Dr. Darria to share his top picks and advice to optimize the athletic travelers’ trip experience.

He includes recommendations on travel destinations, lodging, fun fitness activities for the whole family, as well as products that will keep you in shape and ready to go while on the road.
Travel Well: How the “Athletically-Minded” Travel
Featured Speaker:
Jim Kaese, Author
Jim-KaeseJim Kaese is a best-selling author, accomplished corporate entrepreneur, and former nationally-ranked triathlete. He authored the best-selling travel guide, The Athletic-Minded Traveler: Where to Work Out and Stay When Fitness is a Priority and spearheaded the site development of, where he continues to work as the Editor-in-Chief. He also leads the team's custom jog/walk map program, now in use at more than 300 hotels around the world.