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The Cyc Method: Get Cyc’d for Fitness

In this segment, Keoni Hudoba, creator of the Cyc Method cycling exercise routine, joins Dr. Darria to describe what his program entails and how he developed it.
The Cyc Method: Get Cyc’d for Fitness
Featured Speaker:
Keoni Hudoba
Keoni-HudobaKeoni Hudoba is the creator of the Cyc Method and a renowned trainer and fitness expert. Keoni underwent a radical transformation of mind, body, and spirit and came out the other side over 100 pounds thinner and much wiser. He created a high-energy, entertaining, full-body road trip that helps riders transform their bodies and ultimately reach their fitness goals. He was named 2012’s Best Trainer by New York’s Village Voice, serves as an Under Armour sponsored athlete, a Master Trainer for Barry’s Bootcamp, and creator of the DRENCHED method (a combination of plyometrics and martial arts).