5 Basics of Clean Eating

From the Show: CLEAN Food Network
Summary: While the concept of clean eating may seem simple, the practice could get overwhelming.
Air Date: 4/4/16
Duration: 10 Minutes
Guest Bio: Blythe Metz, PhD
Blythe-MetzDr. Blythe Metz is a Metaphysician, chef, entrepreneur, actress, artist and natural lifestyle expert. She began learning about the power of foods to heal the body in 2006, and hasn't been able to stop sharing the wealth. Her show, Blythe Raw Live, was the first live stream show to be licensed by Hulu after its global success on Ustream. Her new show, Blythe Natural Living, teaches fabulous 5-minute raw food recipes, gluten- and dairy-free cooked food recipes, fresh and easy baby food recipes, therapeutic home spa treatments, and the very best in natural lifestyle tips and suggestions.

Blythe views food as vibration/energy and aims to teach others the power so many have found in whole food nutrition. Blythe is also a certified hypnotherapist, and is passionate about helping people rebuild neuropathways, and clear away blocks in their energy field that no longer serve them. She does hypnotherapy and energy clearing appointments via the phone and Skype, as well as nutritional coaching.

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5 Basics of Clean Eating
The phrase "eat to live, not live to eat," is a great motto for the clean eating way of life.

While the concept may seem simple, the practice could be overwhelming.

Dr. Blythe Metz has found there are really just five basics to clean eating, which makes the practice a lot less daunting:

  1. Eat non-GMO foods.
  2. Eat organic (foods free of herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides). 
  3. Eat foods that don't come in packaging.
  4. Read ingredients on everything that you buy.
  5. Really look at the food you're going to eat. Does it look vibrant and healthy? Does it serve your body? There is no relationship that's more intimate than the one you have with food. 

Listen in as Dr. Metz joins host Lisa Davis to share more about the five basics of clean eating and how you can incorporate them into your daily life.