Do You Really Need to Go Raw?

From the Show: CLEAN Food Network
Summary: The raw food diet is something that has gained momentum over the past few years. But, do you really need to go all raw?
Air Date: 4/11/16
Duration: 10 Minutes
Guest Bio: Vivienne Vella, Founder of Soupure
Vivienne-VellaVivienne Vella paid her way through school by working as an exercise instructor. After graduating from law school, she became an entertainment lawyer in a big law firm and then in a movie studio for 15 plus years. A few years ago, she stopped practicing law and formed a non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free and preservative free cold and hot soup and broth company, Soupure, with her partner, Angela Blatteis. With the help of many nutritionists, food scientists and chefs, the two explored the "all or nothing" approach to eating and dieting and decided they wanted to do something different. They do not believe in starvation diets, nor do they support the popular fad of "juicing;" especially those that press the fiber from the fruit or vegetable. They believe in balance; raw and cooked, primarily vegetable-based, but they understand the role of animal protein, fat can be your friend, and so on. Vivienne and Angela want to bring back the beautiful bliss of a balanced whole food diet and no better way to do that than through the world's most beloved comfort food... soup.
  • Book Title: The Soup Cleanse
  • Guest Twitter Account: @Soupure
Do You Really Need to Go Raw?
The raw food diet is something that has gained momentum over the past few years.

But, do you really need to go all raw?

Vivienne Vella, Founder of Soupure, believes that we should be eating a variety of foods in a variety of forms, including raw and cooked. It's best to have a balance of both raw and cooked foods.

Some foods are healthier for you raw, such as broccoli. On the other hand, cooking veggies such as spinach, kale, tomatoes, carrots, and mushrooms, allows them to become more digestible.

Keep in mind, by "cook," Vivienne means gently cooking or steaming, not frying.

She also believes we need to stop beating ourselves up for not sticking to one extreme or the other when it comes to nutrition. Healthy, clean eating should be embraced as a holistic approach.

Listen in as Vivienne joins host Lisa Davis to explain the healthy balance that can be achieved by eating both raw and cooked foods, as well as some ideas for soups and other dishes.
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