Local, Organic Foods Don't Have to Be Expensive

From the Show: CLEAN Food Network
Summary: According to Sophie Uliano, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, eating clean can actually be less expensive than eating conventional foods.
Air Date: 5/2/16
Duration: 10 Minutes
Guest Bio: Sophie Uliano, Certified Holistic Nutritionist
Sophie-Uliano croppedSophie Uliano is the New York Times best-selling author of Gorgeously Green, which launched on Oprah, where she taught her gal pal, Julia Roberts, and Oprah, how to “detox” their home, garden and beauty regimes.

Sophie has since written two more books: The Gorgeously Green Diet and Do It Gorgeously, and is working on her fourth book, Gorgeous For Good, in which she offers readers a complete 30-day program to overhaul their beauty regime – from the inside out.

Sophie has appeared on a number of TV shows, including: Good Morning America, Oprah, The View, Access Hollywood, KTLA, The Early Show, and the Ricky Lake Show.

Sophie has created over 60 DIY videos for eHow’s Expert Channel, and over 100 videos for her Gorgeously Green You Tube Channel.
Local, Organic Foods Don't Have to Be Expensive
One of the biggest drawbacks people find to clean eating is that it's too expensive and too time consuming. This is a huge deterrent for people to eat organic, healthy foods. 

But, according to Sophie Uliano, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author, eating clean can actually be less expensive than eating conventional foods.

The key is planning and preparation.

We all lead very busy lives. Sure, eating healthy can be spendy if you're running frantically into a health food store and buying the latest and greatest pre-packaged organic meal.

However, if you prepare for the week ahead, you can bring the cost down by five times.

Sophie suggests hitting the farmer's market on a weekend, at the end of the market. Farmers don't want to bring their produce back with them, so you can oftentimes find good bargains.

Once home, wash, chop and divide everything immediately and put into glass containers in the fridge. They need to be easy and ready for you to use. 

Here's another trick Sophie offers: if you lessen the amount of meat you eat per week, that also helps to reduce cost. Instead of a meat-based meal seven days a week, try cutting that down to three or four days.

Listen in as Sophie joins host Lisa Davis to share her tips for cutting your clean eating costs.