Top Foods to Improve Eye Health

From the Show: CLEAN Food Network
Summary: Your diet is intimately connected to eye health and vision.
Air Date: 5/23/16
Duration: 10 Minutes
Guest Bio: Scott L. Philippe, OD
Scott-PhillepeDr. Scott L. Philippe attended the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky for his undergraduate studies. He earned his Doctor of Optometry degree from Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee in 1988.

He was named North Carolina Young Optometrist of the Year in 2001 and North Carolina Optometrist of the Year in 2009, as well as the 2010 recipient of the John Robinson Award for Clinical Excellence. He has also received several national leadership awards and serves as a clinical preceptor for Southern College of Optometry. He remains very active with civic work serving as Chairman of the Swing for Sight Golf Tournament from 1997-2003, and serving on the NC Governor’s Early Childhood Vision Comission from 2006-present. Some of Dr. Philippe’s interests include golf, rugby, volunteering as a youth baseball coach and spending time with his wife Michelle, and three children, Zack, Brit and Taylor.

Dr. Philippe’s Memberships and Associations include: American Optometric Association, American Optometric Society, North Carolina Optometric Society (Past President), Piedmont Optometric Society (Past President), Prevent Blindness NC (Board of Directors) and TLC Laser Eye Centers (Advisory Board), Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society, Ocular Surface Society of Optometry, Ocular Nutrition Society, and The American Society for Nutrition. In July of 2015, Dr. Philippe was appointed by the Governor to the North Carolina State Board of Optometry.
    Top Foods to Improve Eye Health
    In terms of overall health, vision might seem lower on the totem pole in regards to nutrition.

    However, your diet is intimately connected to eye health and vision.

    One specific condition that can be better addressed by incorporating dietary considerations is dry eyes. 

    Many eye care professionals only aim to treat the symptoms of dry eye. Dr. Scott Philippe prefers to dig deeper into the issue and treat the underlying cause, specifically with missing nutrients. 

    Listen in to learn what might be missing in your diet that's causing your dry eyes, as well as the specific foods and nutrients you should be eating for optimal eye health.