Local Farms & CSA Programs

From the Show: CLEAN Food Network
Summary: A piece of the farmers' market puzzle includes CSA programs or "community supported agriculture."
Air Date: 8/1/16
Duration: 10 Minutes
Guest Bio: Mary Brower, Owner of Bluestem Farm
Mary-BrowerMary Brower is an organic farmer whose past is littered with partial careers in teaching, cooking, and writing. Today she owns Bluestem Farm, a diversified organic farm in northern Michigan.

Along with her family, she believes that small farms play an important role in the work of preserving local food supplies, decreasing energy consumption, and bringing neighbors together in authentic communities.
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Local Farms & CSA Programs
Farmers' markets are becoming more and more popular. 

A piece of that puzzle includes CSA programs or "community supported agriculture." 

Within these programs, farms operate as individual entities that people can subscribe to or become members of. Essentially, you buy "shares" in products like ethically raised meats, dairy, eggs, produce, even honey. 

There are many reasons to invest in CSAs.

When fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables have to be shipped from a far distance, they lose nutritional value. Local farmers use sustainable growing methods and fewer chemicals. Their farming methods also help to support pollinators. And, buying from local farms reduces the carbon footprint.

Mary Brower, Owner of Bluestem Farm (with her husband, Aaron), joins Lisa to explain the value of local farms, what a CSA program is, and how you can get involved.