8 Tenets of Clean Eating

From the Show: CLEAN Food Network
Summary: Clean eating encompasses more than just the foods you put into your body.
Air Date: 8/22/16
Duration: 10 Minutes
Guest Bio: James Smith, Chef
James-Smith croppedIn November of 2014, Chef James Smith was appointed as the first-ever Chair of Culinary Programs and Operations for Centennial College.

James adds over 26 years of culinary, academic and leadership experience to this team. 

James joins us most recently from Georgian College where he was the Associate Dean of Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation. James' primary passion has always been the Culinary Arts having worked in leadership positions at several Toronto landmark restaurants including Scaramouche, Truffles at the Four Seasons, Boba and Senator Restaurants. James also brings a wealth of experience in Food Media having worked on Food Network productions such as Cook Like a Chef, Christine Cushing Live, Martin Yan's Chinatowns Series as well as working with Canadian Living Magazine

James began his academic teaching career at the Calphalon Culinary Centre before he transitioned into a full-time position at George Brown College as the inaugural Research and Development Chef at the Centre for Hospitality & Culinary Arts. James went on to teach in Continuing Education and Apprenticeship before he was hired as a full-time faculty member to teach Culinary courses in the Bachelor of Applied Business in Hospitality Operations degree. Once established as an exceptional professor, James moved on to develop and launch an innovative program combining Culinary Management and Nutrition where he fostered many partnerships, participated in many applied research projects and created an active program advisory committee. 

James' personal education journey includes obtaining a Culinary Management Diploma as well as his Red Seal Certification before he completed his MBA in Hospitality and Tourism from the University of Guelph.
8 Tenets of Clean Eating
Clean eating encompasses more than just the foods you put into your body. 

Chef James Smith has over 25 years of of culinary, academic and leadership experience in the Hospitality and Culinary Arts industry and is the creator of the Clean Eating Academy.

Within the Academy, Chef James and his other instructors hold to certain tenets of clean eating, including the following:

  1. Drink lots of water (aim for two liters a day). 
  2. Reduce carbon footprint.
  3. Avoid process/refined foods. 
  4. Make it fun for your family. Pass the skills you learn on to your children. 
  5. Learn to slow down your eating down. Start with one meal a day.
  6. Practice portion control. 
  7. Incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  8. Try to eat more organic foods (meat, dairy, eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc.)

Listen in as Chef James joins host Lisa Davis do discuss these tenets of clean eating.