The Diagnosis: Eating Pleasures

Guest : Mike Fenster, MD
Summary: Dr. Mike dishes on eating pleasures as part of food's value.
Air Date: 4/20/16
Duration: 10 Minutes
Host: Dr. Mike Fenster
The Diagnosis: Eating Pleasures
While genetics are a significant part of the human gut microbiome, what you consume every day has the greatest environmental impact on your gut.

You are in charge of your own gut health.

Consuming processed, preserved, pre-packaged and ready-made foods will cause a cesspool in your gut. Inflammation results, and a myriad diseases caused by inflammation result: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. Your food choices should assist your gut, not serve as a detriment.

Food value is also influenced by pleasure. Memories associated with food smells can send you back to pleasure moments. This subjective value informs your food choices. You want to remember the good, old days when you eat; to reminisce about great times spent with cool people and delicious food.

By creating new memories around food that is good for your gut, you can get the most out of the food you eat. Seek pleasure in healthy foods, and keep great company as you do.
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