Health & Healing via the Shamanic Path

Summary: Get in touch with your spiritual side to improve your life.
Air Date: 6/15/16
Duration: 20
Host: Dr. Mike Fenster
Guest Bio: Andrew Steed, Celtic Shamanic Practitioner & Bard
Andrew SteedAndrew Steed has been self employed as an Inspirational Speaker, Shamanic Practitioner, Storyteller & Guide to Sacred Travel since 1996. He works internationally in the USA, Canada, Jamaica, India, Ireland and the UK. 

He is the author of three books and several CDs. His latest book, Powering Up Your Life Stories, is a valuable working book for teens through to elders. 

Andrew has worked with companies such as Starbucks, Aflac and Sheetz. He has been repeatedly brought into Colleges and Universities throughout PA, has been an invited faculty member for Penn State University working with Maryland Transit Authority, and has worked with international students as faculty for Semester at Sea. 

Andrew has been the keynote speaker for state and national conferences for business, non-profit, health care and youth organisations speaking on topics that include wellness, diversity, stress management, anger management and team dynamics. He has implemented cutting-edge team-building seminars for business groups using both high and low ropes courses. He is an Artist in Residence for PA and part of the Scottish Storytelling Association.

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Health & Healing via the Shamanic Path
All things are connected. This is becoming evident through new information about the gut microbiome and overall health.

Your body contains energy and the stories of your experiences. Shamans help people reclaim the stories their bodies contain. Embarrassment, shame and angst need to be reclaimed so the energy is useful again.

Being mindful and grateful for your food and nature will improve your food experience and life. As an example, you start every day with water. Whether it's brushing your teeth, making some tea or hopping in the shower, every day begins with water. Your body is mostly water. You can give thanks and bless the water you use. Starting with spirituality and gratefulness will start your day positively.

You can raise your consciousness, appreciate the moments in your life and help create a new, beautiful world.

Celtic shaman practitioner Andrew Steed joins Dr. Mike to share how to make your live a little more spiritual.
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