The World of Potatoes

Summary: Learn more about the versatility of tubers.
Air Date: 1/18/17
Duration: 26:53
Host: Dr. Mike Fenster
Guest Bio: Raghavan Iyer
Raghavan IyerRaghavan Iyer, a James Beard Award winner and an IACP Award–winning Teacher of the Year, is the author of 660 Curries, Indian Cooking Unfolded, and other cookbooks.

He has written for Cooking Light, Fine Cooking, Saveur, Weight Watchers Magazine, EatingWell, and many other publications, and is host of the Emmy Award–winning documentary Asian Flavors.

Born in Mumbai and fluent in six languages, he now lives with his family in Minneapolis.
  • Book Title: Smashed, Mashed, Boiled, and Baked—And Fried, Too!
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The World of Potatoes
Potatoes have been in the human diet since 15,000 BC. The Incans found it was a culturally sound vegetable. Potatoes traveled from South America to Europe before coming back to North America.

The potato was embraced with such gusto because it was available year-round. It's also very versatile. Potatoes are the fourth largest crop in the world.

There are two categories for potatoes: floury and waxy. Floury potatoes have a high-starch and low-water content. They're fluffy and are great for mashing, baking or frying. Waxy potatoes have a low-starch and high-water content. They maintain their shape when cooked. They work well in potato salad.

Be sure to eat the peel to get the greatest health benefit for your gut microbiome.

The Ultimate Mashed Potato
Peel (optional) and cube russet potatoes. Boil until just tender so that it just starts to fall apart when pierced with a fork. Drain water and dry cubes.

Heat heavy cream, cream cheese and butter in another pan. Add quality black sea salt and crushed peppercorns.

Push the potato cubes through a ricer. Pour cream mixture over riced potatoes and fold in.

Mojito Potato Salad
Muddle fresh limes and mint. Add salt, pepper and sugar for balance. Pour white rum into the potato salad.

Kung Pao Potatoes
Smother french fry cut potatoes in cornstarch and fry. Make a simple dressing of soy sauce, ginger, sesame oil and dried red chilis. Toss potatoes in dressing and serve.

How to Pick Your Potatoes
Avoid green potatoes and spuds with sprouts growing out of them. They should be firm to the touch and not shriveled. Store in a dark, cool spot. Refrigeration turns starch to sugar and potatoes can go bad.

Listen in as chef Raghavan Iyer and Dr. Mike Fenster share the joy of potatoes.


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