Sexy Foods for Boosting Your Libido

Summary: What foods are best for sexy times?
Air Date: 3/1/17
Duration: 26:59
Host: Dr. Mike Fenster
Guest Bio: Jonathan Block, Content Manager
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Sexy Foods for Boosting Your Libido
Medications that assist with sexual function have become available over the past few decades.

Before you reach for that sex pill, be sure you’ve discussed the side effects in depth with your doctor. You wouldn’t want any undesirable effects to negatively impact your libido.

Also, consider some natural ways to boost your drive.

The pomegranate is viewed as a fertility symbol. It increases circulation and improves blood pressure. It can also increase testosterone in men and women.

Garlic improves blood flow as well. The pungent scent of garlic may not turn your lover on, so just be sure to freshen your breath. You can also add parsley to the recipe to cut down on the odor.

Chocolate can improve your get-up-and-go, because it contains a chemical that gives you a feeling of being in love, decreasing your blood pressure. Stick to dark chocolate containing 70% cocoa.

Spinach is great for hormone health. Follow Popeye’s example.

Listen as Jonathan Block of MedShadow joins Dr. Mike Fenster to discuss natural ways to kick up your libido.


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