Best Diets for Health & Weight Loss

Summary: Finally! An answer to the question, "Which diet is the best?"
Air Date: 10/4/17
Duration: 27:54
Host: Mike Fenster, MD
Guest Bio: Renee A. Simon, MS, CDN, CNS
Renee SimonRenee A. Simon, MS, CDN, CNS, is a Certified Dietician-Nutritionist, registered yoga teacher, and energy healer who specializes in nutrition, fitness, and the mind/body connection. She has published many books and articles, the latest on Medscape, Best and Worst Diets Around the World.

Renee has practiced Functional Medicine for 17 years privately and as a consultant to hospitals, Universities, health spas, corporations, schools, and large not for profit organizations. Her passion is to help her clients reach their highest level of health, in body, mind and spirit and to experience peace and joy every day.

She has private practices in Connecticut and New York.

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Best Diets for Health & Weight Loss
Here’s the short and simple: There is no best diet for everyone. There is no magic bullet that will make your waistline shrink and your health improve overnight.

The best diet for you is the one that gives you the best results. Every person has different genetic factors and health histories.

It’s better to look at the key ingredients that successful diets include.

If you’re having trouble with chronic health issues or weight loss, a great place to start is the Mediterranean diet. It focuses on fresh whole foods like whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, red wine and olive oil. These components are helpful for most people.

Purity makes a difference. Eat foods that aren’t heavily processed. Stick to things that aren’t packed with preservatives, fat and sugars.

Portion size if also important. Americans are conditioned to have large, full plates of food. You don’t have to super-size the meals you cook and eat.

Mindful eating aids digestion. Dining while on the go doesn’t relax your body for digestion. Mindless eating can lead to overeating or unhealthy eating. Chill out and enjoy the nourishment of your food.

Meal planning is your friend. This keeps you from having to get fast food. Have things prepared and ready for meal prep. It takes a few minutes to sauté veggies or make a smoothie, especially if you’re prepared.

Consider eating seasonally. Enjoy what nature is providing right now. Eat hearty soups in the winter and lighter soups and salads in summer. You can also save money by purchasing what is newly harvested.

Start with a healthy breakfast. Have something rich in fiber, protein and healthy fat. It sets the stage for your day.

Listen as Renee Simon joins Dr. Mike Fenster to share how to find the best diet for you.
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