Diabetes Reversal: Type-2 Nutrition

Air Date: 11/15/17
Duration: 27:27
Host: Dr. Mike Fenster
Guest Bio: Denise A. Pancyrz, national type 2 diabetes reversal coach, speaker and author
Denise A PancyrzIn her mid-forties, Denise Pancyrz was angered being burdened with type-2 diabetes; actually, diagnosed with type 1.5 diabetes. She was tired of taking a handful of medication and four daily insulin shots. The food she was taught to consume did not bring her to a state of optimal health. It kept her medicated, unending doctor visits, trips to the pharmacy, and the worry of amputation and drug side effects.

Denise wanted her life to be different, however, was told by the medical community it was highly unlikely to ever happen. In fact, the dosages of medication and insulin would increase with age. Denise realized she needed a new course to regain her health.

Certified in Holistic Nutrition and Homeopathy, a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt with a decade in the laboratory industry, Denise created her blueprint to reverse the deadly effects of diabetes. This blueprint paved the way for her to eliminate all medication and insulin.

The answer was in holistic nutrition. Denise restored her health. No more medication – no more insulin injections – no worry of amputation – no worry of drug side effects.

Born and raised in Chicago, Denise and her husband now live in Naples, FL, and loving it. She coaches diabetics and prediabetics across the U.S. and Canada through one-on-one and group coaching with amazing results.
  • Book Title: The Virgin Diabetic
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Diabetes Reversal: Type-2 Nutrition
Food works as medicine. Type-2 diabetes can be addressed with nutrition.

Clearing the packaged products out of your pantry can help you take control of your health. Drop the convenience foods from your diet and stick to natural foods simply prepared. Look at the quality of the foods you eat.

When it’s time to eat, use smaller plates. Eat until you’re 80 percent full. Make vegetables the feature of your plate and treat protein as a side dish.

You may need to reprioritize things in your life. Eat before heading to the grocery store. Sort out the best time of day for you to eat and exercise.

Listen as Denise Pancyrz joins Dr. Mike Fenster to share how she took control of her diabetes diagnosis by changing her eating habits.
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