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How Effective is Optimism During a Pandemic?

From the Show: COVID-19 DAILY
Air Date: 4/22/20
Duration: 17:00
Host: Caitlin Whyte
How Effective is Optimism During a Pandemic?
Could antibody tests really help end quarantine, retail spending is in a free fall, and spice up your next meeting by bringing a goat into your zoom call.

Plus an interview with Paul Cambell, Executive Director of Healthcare at Kellogg & Clinical Associate Professor at Kellogg School of Management. He talks about whether or not optimism can be effective during a pandemic.

Let us know what you think, are you an optimist, or is it just too hard given the state of things right now? Shoot us an email and tell us your thoughts. 

And in our Healthcare Heroes Spotlight are Liz Bernich and Gina McGuire who started FLAG to coordinate community donations of masks and food to help out busy first responders. The group started in New Jersey but is now in 29 states. 

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