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What Doctors From California Are Learning By Going To New York City To Help

From the Show: COVID-19 DAILY
Air Date: 5/18/20
Duration: 07:25
Host: Caitlin Whyte
What Doctors From California Are Learning By Going To New York City To Help

The first coronavirus vaccine tested on humans has yielded some positive results, new research says if 80% of Americans wore masks, COVID-19 infections would plummet, restaurants get creative with keeping customers dining in but away from each other, and visit museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History online. 

A group of California-based physicians went to New York City recently to work side by side with doctors and nurses to learn everything they can about effective COVID-19 treatment.

In addition to providing support to help relieve those physicians who have been working tirelessly for weeks, the group of doctors was also tasked with bringing back what they learned to help the State of California prepare for and effectively treat COVID-19 in the fall when a second wave could hit hospitals hard.

Joining us today is Dr. Tom Sugarman, who just got back from his trip to New York. He is the Senior Director of Government Affairs at Vituity and an emergency physician at Sutter Delta Medical Center.

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