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Cancer Screenings Are Still Important, Even During a Pandemic

From the Show: COVID-19 DAILY

Air Date: 8/18/20
Duration: 16:48
Host: Caitlin Whyte
Cancer Screenings Are Still Important, Even During a Pandemic

The FDA authorizes the emergency use of a saliva test, many COVID patients in the US got unnecessary antibiotics in the early stages of the pandemic, and has the coronavirus killed social cigarette smoking once and for all? 

New data shows a dramatic dip in U.S. cancer screenings – a consequence partially attributed to people staying away from the doctor’s office. As states reopen and non-emergency medical visits resume, people will continue to limit unnecessary public interactions.

But since the pandemic, more than 18,000 colorectal cancer screenings have been delayed, resulting in an estimated additional 4,500 colorectal cancer deaths over the next decade.

Dr. Benjamin Levy joins us to talk about these numbers. He is a gastroenterologist from Chicago who specializes in colorectal cancer.

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