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How Can We Head Back To Our Workplaces Safely?

From the Show: COVID-19 DAILY

Air Date: 10/7/20
Duration: 09:04
Host: Caitlin Whyte
How Can We Head Back To Our Workplaces Safely?

How safe is your apartment building during coronavirus, the pandemic has people surfing in Ohio, and a new poll shows the pandemic and healthcare are big issues for voters heading into this election.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the landscape of health and safety in America. As Americans begin to re-enter the workforce, health status will continue to be an ongoing and daily concern for both employees and employers. Testing as well as symptom assessment, monitoring, and health care coordination for employers seeking to safely reengage staff returning to the workplace will be important. 

To talk more about how we can safely re-enter the workforce is Dr. Rhonda Medows, the CEO of Ayin Health Solutions.

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