Using the Tools of Improv Comedy to Transform Your Life

From the Show: Dr. Taz Show
Summary: Learn how the key components of improv can help you break bad habits, get unblocked, spark joy, and deal with your inner critic.
Air Date: 4/18/17
Duration: 29:45
Host: Dr. Taz
Guest Bio: Katie Goodman, Comedian
Katie-GoodmanKatie Goodman has been described as a cross between Julia Cameron and Ben Stein; a nurturing creative coach with a wry edge. If you are ready for a different and user-friendly approach to personal growth, Improvisation For The Spirit is a fun, unique and truly transformational way to get there.

About the Book
Want to "Gag Your Inner Critic?" Want to learn some tools that will really bring spontaneity, joy and spark to your life? This creative self-discovery book offers techniques and exercises for working through blocks to lead a more courageous and creative life. It is unique in that it specifically uses the tools of improv comedy for transformation. Improv requires quick-thinking, collaboration, getting out of your own way, and being in the moment without being a perfectionist. The skills an improv actor uses are skills we can all apply to every aspect of our daily lives.

Many of us have similar struggles: feeling blocked creatively, being afraid to take risks, constantly competing with others, wanting our own way, or being attached to goals that may no longer serve us. We have trouble thinking on our feet, letting go of things that didn’t go as we’d expected, and remembering to see the humor in it all. Katie will show you how to transform your Inner Critic into your Inner Coach, free up your creativity, trust your ideas, go with the flow, be present when it counts, and to feel inspired, energized and confident.
  • Book Title: Improvisation for the Spirit
  • Guest Twitter Account: @KatieGoodman
Using the Tools of Improv Comedy to Transform Your Life
Improvisational comedy can act as more than just pure entertainment. 

Katie Goodman, author of Improvisation for the Spirit, utilizes the key components of improv to help individuals break bad habits, get unblocked, spark joy, and deal with their inner critics.

The basis of her methods is to allow you to use both your right and left brain at the same time and thus uncensor yourself, so you can have access to all the creative "goodies." But, you're also picking and choosing which direction you'll head in a rational manner.

Certainly, not every minute of every day can be filled with laughter and creativity, but once you begin to practice trusting in yourself and being able to take creative risks, you'll find that you're more alive, aware and spontaneous. 

Your creative practice doesn't have to be improv, either. It could be pottery, painting, woodwork... anything that's of a creative note.

A very important portion of Katie's book is to help you gag your inner critic. At one point, this inner voice was benevolent (trying to keep you "safe"). Now, it's just keeping you from joy and fulfillment; speaking to you in negative self-talk. For example, "Don't ask that person out on a date, you'll just get rejected" or "Don't apply for that job, you'll never get it."

You need to retrain your inner critic to be your inner coach. Assign an image and a name if that helps. The voice should be non-judgmental and speak to you in neutral language. "Last time you applied for a job, you weren't really prepared... what can we do to get you ready to rock it this time?"

Listen in as Katie joins Dr. Taz to share more about her history as an improv comedian, how it's helped in her own life, and how you can start to benefit from the "yes, and" approach.