EP 97 - The Light Between Us: Stories from Heaven with Laura Lynne Jackson

From the Show: Dr. Taz Show
Summary: Laura Lynne Jackson shares how she connected with her psychic ability.
Air Date: 8/28/18
Duration: 35:19
Host: Dr. Taz
Guest Bio: Laura Lynne Jackson, Teacher, Speaker & Psychic Medium
Laura Lynne JacksonLaura Lynne Jackson is a high school English teacher and psychic medium who has been certified by the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential and the Forever Family Foundation. She lives on Long Island with her husband and their three children.
EP 97 - The Light Between Us: Stories from Heaven with Laura Lynne Jackson
Laura Lynne Jackson struggled to embrace her psychic gig since childhood. It took a long time to learn to use them to help heal and teach others.

Life on Earth is a fantastic opportunity to learn a lesson in love. All humans are interconnected.

Laura recommends opening your mind and heart to communications from loved ones on the other side. Don’t be scared of your own psychic ability or intuition.

There are four major psychic abilities:

  1. Clairvoyance: ability to see clearly outside of the physical body
  2. Clairaudience: clarity of hearing a thought that isn’t your own
  3. Claircognizance: suddenly knowing information you trust without knowing the origin
  4. Clairsentience: energy that translates as a “gut feeling”
Listen as Laura joins Dr. Taz to share how she learned to connect with those who are no longer here.